Sunday, May 25, 2014

Second Day as a Santa Barbara City College Alummi

I would like to thank Karen Sophiea and Melanie Belanger for hiring me to blog about my life. My job interview with them was pretty questionable. I'll say hahaha! I remember walking from across campus into the BC forum into the meeting room quite exhausted from American Literature. I did not realize they were interviewing, but I think what really got them interested in me was saying that I worked at a driving school and I was not a licensed driver. I also want to thank Malena! ( She had this idea to make student blogs, because she was a blogger herself. Sadly, she decided to move back to Sweden, so we're all going to miss her!

I also, I want to thank my readers for giving me the opportunity to guide you this year. It was such an delightful adventure for me to just simply write about my life as if I was writing a journal entry. I do still keep a journal, I'm on my seventh composition book (I started it in March). I hope I gave you some helpful information.

As for me, I'll probably keep blogging. If your interested to see how my life as a transfer student is you should follow me on my new blog. Right now I'm still constructing it so you should at least consider following me on google plus. Or my twitter account

These are a few old pictures from some old blog posts:

If you have any questions about blogging with Santa Barbara City College or the school in general please contact me @:


P.S Still doing that music thing...

Saturday, May 24, 2014

First day as a Santa Barbara City College Alummi

I was  only 17, when I first walked into the Santa Barbara City College campus. I was nervous and a bit afraid to start over again at a new school filled with students who were in different stages of their lives. There was no more cliques, I would of been in a Marching Band clique because I participated in it back in high school. There was no more 8am-3pm schedule or lunch break or mandatory meetings to attend.  Suddenly, college was your choice and obviously its something I definitely considered without a doubt. I wasn't ready to leave my beautiful hometown and I did not have enough money to go to a university so I had to stay. It was the best choice I made.

Left to Right: Billy, Me, Alexia, and Jasmine
What I love about this school other than its location, is the close connections I made with friends and professors. I always knew that I wanted to go into writing, but SBCC give some reassurance of this major. I originally was a Creative Writing major, but I decided that going into English would open more doors for me in the future. Along the way, I had to get my GEs done. And I took Statistics and met my best friend, Alexia there. We shared the same interested in wanting to transfer up north for school and we went on a college road trip, in pursuit of finding schools that we wanted to apply to. San Francisco State and UC Santa Cruz were two we really liked. Alexia is attending UC Santa Cruz this fall.

My English Major Friend, Blair
I decided on Cal State Channel Islands. I visited the campus when I was a high school sophomore and I wasn't all that convinced I wanted to go. Then, my sister transferred there and I was suddenly there almost every other weekend. I was quite indecisive for a while because, I still have yet to meet another English major from CSU Channel Island, but despite that I wanted to make a name for myself there because its a fairly new school. One of my goals is to meet someone who is working to get their English degree. It didn't have that issue here at SBCC. I became close friends with a few English majors, who were apart of my study groups. Although there wasn't much studying involved whenever we met, we had so many laughs. This helped me realize that I shouldn't take life so serious. I want to thank the SBCC English department for all their help and their support. The following are pictures of my English professors:

My first English Professor at SBCC, Barbara Bell (Spring 2013)

American Literature Professor, Melissa Menendez (I had her for 3 semesters starting in summer 2013)

My British Literature Professor, Melanie Eckford-Prosser (Spring 2014)

Isla Vista Tragedy

Hi everyone this is officially my first day as a Santa Barbara City College Alumni.

Before I want to give my farewells ,
I wanted to address the tragedy that happened last night. This was not a very great year for Isla Vista and sadly for those who call that small town their home and those who will. This is completely overwhelming for SBCC, UCSB students who actually witnessed this catastrophe in action. I can not begin to imagine being in that situation or what I could of done to save those poor innocent lives lost. It makes me even more upset realizing that it wasn't an ordinary Friday night because many SBCC students graduated yesterday and UCSB's graduation is arriving shorty as well. My prayers go out their families and friends and to those who have been affected in any way from this massacre. To everyone: If you ever feel lonely, depressed, isolated, reach out to someone and it doesn't have to be a therapist. Maybe a sibling or a parent or a family friend or a professor. Don't be afraid to get help.


*** For more information on the Isla Vista Shooting stay tune for KEYT News.

Thursday, May 15, 2014


The heat at its best

I would like to thank the academy for letting me turn in my last homework assignment...
It feels AMAZING AND REWARDING to turn this last assignment in!We've all come a long way from fall semester, I can assure you its been a real struggle with trying to balance out school, work, family, friends, and time for oneself. Its been a whole entire year at SBCC. The weather went from beautifully perfect to unbearable, but we're all still pulling though and surviving. Finals week begins next week so lets finish it off and run across the street to the beach and just jump in! I did that last year, not even kidding.

Well everyone GOOD LUCK!


Saturday, May 10, 2014


Hi everyone,
Currently I just finished my ten paged research paper only to realize I have to start on an essay today as well. No time for celebration... and also they were both due on Monday #thestruggleisreal
I hope you guys have better time management that I do because this is not fun whatsoever, but why do I have all my papers due this coming week anyways? Nah no ones to blame, this is the college life.

Also I have decided on where I'm going to school this fall and its definitely not a shocker. I assume you know where I'll be heading to. I also decided I will live off campus so I've been impatiently waiting to see any new apartments to rent on craigslist. Since this is my first time moving out and living on my own, I'm not sure what I can manage and what is impossible to pay. Well, I'll be working over the summer anyways. Let's just hope my school lets my request to cancel my housing application on time because its quite expensive to live on campus.

If you guys are feeling overwhelmed with everything right now, change your status on facebook to #thestruggleisreal or instagram a picture with that hashtag, even tweet it! Hey we're almost done with this semester let's see who else is feeling the same way as you.



PS: Destress fest is May 13th 10:30am-1pm (in front of the library) take advantage of this event!

Sunday, May 4, 2014

Sister's Birthday, Whatever YouTube Channel, Few more posts

My sister, Jasmine and I
Jack and I

This weekend was a very special one because my sister just turned 21. I am completely lucky to have such an intelligent and beautiful women like her related to me. Although for some reason people think I look older than her, I'm not sure if I'm suppose to take that as a compliment or an insult... But yeah we were able to celebrate her birthday at Casa Blanca (, a restaurant downtown with a few close friends and continued our festives at my house reminiscing on past birthdays. My present to her was a massage at  Massage Envy ( here's the link in case your in a desperate need to relax... finals week is literally around the corner). I thought it was a great idea because she's a dancer and everything.

The next day (technically this morning), we spent the whole afternoon watching all of Whatever's YouTube videos( Did you know it's filmed locally, like on our campus as well as UCSB's? This channel is consisted of the most brilliant and hilarious videos I've ever seen. My favorite one is a guy trying to pick up girls dressed as Justin Bieber, using Justin Bieber's lyrics as pick up lines. I couldn't stop laughing!

 Well these few posts coming up will be my last posts as an SBCC student, so pleaseee keep tuning in guys! I'll be posting more awkward stories, random events, and on SBCC.


Thursday, May 1, 2014

Apologizing, How's the Weather, Job Fair

Wanna know a great way to apologize?
Yup so this happened, the best cupcakes ever! They're rainbow and have m&m's inside. The "No Ragrets" is a reference to the "We're the Millers" movie. And if your wondering they accepted my apology :)

These days are extremely warm, so if your thinking about hiking I suggest you do that between the hours of 6:30-8pm. I know its difficult to even function right now because of this weather. It's literally putting me to sleep! Yet, that's what Santa Barbara is known for it's beautiful blue skies and breathtaking views. In fact, I learned in my film studies class that Santa Barbara was the film making capital in the early 1900s. They moved to Hollywood because it was more convenient for directors, actors, etc. I went on a hike the other day after my film class and I was completely inspired by the scenery, I can totally comprehend why movies were filmed here.

Acceptance Progress: I'm still hearing back from San Francisco State, I actually called their office and they said they're still making their decision. So there's hope! I mean I'm 100% accepted to CSU Channel Islands so either way I'm set to transfer from the lovely Santa Barbara City College.

Anyways, now with summer coming up I'm sure many of you are going to be looking for summer jobs. Good thing there's going to be a job fair coming up next week! May 6th 10am-2pm at the West Campus walkway! Hope it helps, I might be getting a second job as well... the Life of a College Student.